You think you’re so slick

looking down your nose

at those you perceive as

less that human

those unworthy to stand in

your self-appointed glow


yet here you stand, and sit,

and trail, as you blatantly

attempt to forge an alliance

with the Devil himself…

hoping that no one sees you,

no one hears you … no one

smells the pheremones and thirst as they

flood out of your achingly desperate body

the smell of which sticks in all of our throats,

so nauseous are we from its cloying sweetness.


We see you, we hear you,

we smell you and

we know what you are doing

we watch, amused, as the Devil

puts you through your paces –

testing you, teasing you,

playing with you the way that string torments a kitten


We watch you grope and grab

and beg for the crumbs that he sweeps off of his table

snapping at the heels of anyone

who may momentarily catch and hold his attention

so desperate are you to walk through his Halls


Do you think he doesn’t know?

Do you believe that he’s not amused?

Do you see yourself positioned as his bottom bitch?


We are so sorry for you …

for your air of superior intellect

and your actual vapid mindspace

we would tell how foolish you are being

but we won’t because … well …

we are, after all, UNWORTHY!

So we stand together like

spectators at a hanging

as your vacuous shell is filled up with

half empty statements, broken promises

and hope that springs

like a weed in the desert.


We watch as your transparency issues

come into full blossom

and stand silently as they

eventually grow till nothing is left but

your eventual death as your issues

do to you what

your ineptitude has done to us.


Rest in pieces…






I am a creature of emotion … I am a being of light … I am a woman of strength.

That being said, I am never clingier, or moodier, or needier than when I am on my cycle.

I’ve seen and heard all the cutesy supposedly empowering names that women have come up with to somehow attempt to soothe us into thinking that we are destined to ENJOY this time. Doesn’t work though, because I hear those names in my head and it just mocks the cramps, the bitchiness and the need to cuss out that woman, Eve!!! What the hell woman??! Couldn’t you tell that frickin’ serpent to talk to the hand cuz the blasted face ain’t listening??! Now we’ve got pain with every frickin’ thing we do!

I get to me ‘time’, and I morph into the neediest bitch of a Goddess there is on Planet Earth, and I don’t need another woman to talk to and moan and groan in my ear – just like me… I need a strong, sensitive, caring, Alpha Male of a man … a REAL MAN. Yeah I know that whenever I say this, a lot of my gal pals say that I’m actually describing a gay buddy, but there are MEN out there who are empathetic enough to get that women need a little extra TLC at that time. I’m not saying that they’re growing on trees in every back yard … I know they are rare, but they exist, dammit!!!

I need — no, I WANT a man in my life who’s not afraid to show a little affection … bring me scrumptious, decadent cups of hot chocolate, fluff my pillows, rub my tummy, massage my swollen ankles, hold me when I’m cramping and cranky as hell, and call me from work to check up on me … for at least five days out of month. Is that too much to ask??

I don’t think so!!

I’m a caregiver everyday … well, I want some care given my way too.

To a lot of you, this sounds like a fairy tale, but you know what? I deserve all of those things, wrapped up in a man who can rock my world (IN A GOOD WAY!!!) on many other levels as well … someone who appreciates and adores me when I’m PHAT and Fabulous, when I’m grimy from working, fresh out of the shower or just waking up with no makeup on, and yes, when I’m bitching and moaning during my ‘oh so exciting’ (can you smell the sarcasm??) Moon Time, AND I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING LESS!!!