We wear so many masks

We seek to hide from the ones

Whom we seek to attract

We even seek to hide from ourselves


Our discomfort with ourselves

Drives us to don our ‘outside’ faces

While our malaise with our lives

Sees us applying the ones we wear ‘inside’ for ourselves


We spew the right words …

We speak of confidence and

Inner strength … talking to each other

About taking our places at the helm

But we cringe at the very thought


We brag about bringing home

The bacon, and loving it

But we are scared shitless

At the thought of hanging

To bring it ALL home


We lie to each other

We cheat ourselves

We berate ourselves

Behind closed doors

We stride with supposed gusto

In open daylight

While we bawl our eyes out

In our secret places at night

Having forgotten that the

Only masks we need

Are the beautiful faces

And Spirits that we were

Gifted with at birth


We have allowed the din and distractions

To silence the voice of the

One we need to listen to the most

While we hide from Him in plain sight

Forgetting that He sees us everywhere



Silence is your friend


Concentrate on what’s really there

It won’t hurt

This is all you need…


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    Have a great day, 🙂


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