Between Friends …


Friend’ is a word that is bandied around and beaten to death daily. There are so many “definitions” and “connotations” but right now, I want to deal with SISTAHFRIENDS.

What is a Sister-friend?

That is the person you call when you need to laugh or cry. That is the person who has your back no matter what; who stand up for you in public and screams that you’re right even though behind closed doors, she’s telling you what a mess you’ve made.

A true sister-friend will drive, fly, ride any number of hours to be at your side in your time of need, celebration, crisis, whatever.

This is the woman whose number is #1 in your speed dial – before the hubby or boyfriend.

Basically, a real sister-friend is another woman’s Rock and Strong-Tower in all aspects of life. She is the woman who says ‘I’m prayin’ for you girl,’ and really means it.

I take the time to list the aforementioned in order to state that this is by no means a one-way street. For everything she does for you, you do the same for her.

Now …

It has come to my attention that there are some of us women out there who seem to think that they need only be on the recipient side and not the giving. As my mother says, “THERE IS JUST AS MUCH JOY TO BE HAD IN SAYING ‘YOU’RE WELCOME’ AS THERE IS IN SAYING ‘THANK YOU’.”

I want to know if it’s just a black thing or is it across the board with women who have no qualms in milking a friendship bone-dry and are not willing to put in the same time…

I’m there for you when you graduate from college, but you miss my important recital. I’m there for you when you have major surgery, but you’re not around when I graduate.

I’m talking about the women who love the support I can give but begrudge me the bits of happiness that come my way; but then they say with pride no less that they are your sistahfriend?

Bitch please! If this is the way that you treat me – you’re supposed nearest and dearest – what would you do to the people you dislike?

My Sisters … my Sistahs …

Take the time to look at your relationships with the important women in your life. Sit down and talk it out, work it out, pray it out before it comes to a parting of the ways.

Have you received more than you’ve given? Have you taken advantage? Have you used? Be honest with yourself. Apologize for your oversights … and should you be on the receiving end, then be gracious.

If it is that you are on the receiving end of the abuse and you have in all honesty come to the end of your rope, you have all right, according to the UNWRITTEN CODE OF SISTAHOOD, to cut the cords and live to fight another day.

Just something to think about …

Holla at ya girl!