There are days and times when I am amazed by the beauty and brilliance of my people.

And then there are days like these … when I wonder what happened to common sense, intelligent thoughts and really, really bad decision making skills.

No I’m not just shooting off at the mouth.  I am going somewhere with this.  There is actually a method to my madness.

I am actually speaking of the Leave of Senses currently being articulated by the Leadership of my party regarding my hometown – Diego Martin Central – and our representative for the past seven years, Dr Amery Brown.  Doc, as he is known in these parts, and beyond, is a ground roots man … a man of the people, who happily picked up the mantle of representation seven and a half years ago, ad has done just that – REPRESENTED Diego Martin Central (DMC) in the best possible way.  Doc has, on more than one occasion, left his home and family undone, to be at DMCs beck and call be ye PNM, UNC PP, whatever … once you need him he puts on his cape, and gets the job done.  He has been there in fire and in flood,  in displacement and in the basic needs of our people, in our as well, in rallies and in meetings  case in point, at the Tru Valu car park in Diamond Vale on the night when his son was about to be born.  As our Member of Parliament, he has gone above and beyond any written or recorded description.

And herein lies my confusion.  How is it that a working MAN OF THE PEOPLE is now being ungratefully ad UNCEREMONIOUSLY KICKED TO THE CURB?!!  And why are we sitting by on our hands and doing nothing about this?

Dr Eric Williams – the founder of the PNM and the father of our nation – was a man of PRINCIPLE, of JUSTICE n of PEACE.  He founded the PNM as a platform for right, and truth … for the people who believed and still believe that hard work, truth and Pride in Self and Country had its own reward.

How then are we able to abide with the few who represent the many and LET THEM LEAVE DOC (note the similar nickname with greatness) IN THE DUST?  And should we allow this to happen then what example are we setting for the youth of DMC and the nation? We have long told them that hard work and enterprise is the way to gain respect, office and the ear of their peers and the nation?

If it is that Doc has done all of the above and then some, and he is now being disregarded, is it that the rules have changed?

We bemoan the generations behind us for wanting everything, and wanting it yesterday … yet a man who is a living breathing example of a Principled and Purposeful life is treated like just so much garbage what example are we setting?

Is it that we are now saying that get in, get rich and get out is the new status quo – a la the PP?

I need to state here that I am a Proud, Card Carrying red-brown & yellow bleeding, Balisier-scar-healing member of the Peoples National Movement.  I attest that I could not wait to get my first National ID Card so that I could dip my finger for the Party, because I will forever be grateful for all that was done for me, for the equal paying field that Dr Eric Williams opened up for all of us, be it educational, professional, tertiary education or employment opportunities.  I believe in the basic principles and tenets of the Party, and I believe as well, that the PNM is the only true political party in Trinidad and Tobago and are therefore uniquely qualified to run this country.  Now, don’t get me wrong — we too have our problems.  Nobody and nothing is perfect, but God.

That being said, you cannot at this point of my life dress a pig in a suit with a Balisier tie and tell me to vote PNM.

I’m a grow ass woman who has been observing all that has been taking place with the executive of DMC, their web of lies and deceit, their need for control and their inability to get Doc to follow their vindictive agenda, and I am not prepared to sell my soul and conscience for my party card.  I am not prepared to take leave of my common sense to prove Party loyalty.  My loyalty is to the one who se3rves and to the party that has been served, not to this unrecognizable band of sycophants who have axes to grind and scores to settle and are bleeding the good in order to advance an embrace the malleable and mal-intended.

I’m not the only one who feels this way, but I may be the only ne who is willing to speak up and that’s fine too.

It is interesting that our current leadership is willing to lend an ear to people whose intent is indeed questionable, but ignores the voice of the grass root movement.

Woe be on to those who see the wrong and sign on to their page.

Humility has gone out the window … along with patience, sensibility, and on some level, justice.

My PNM people – wake the hell up, and see the not-so-hidden agenda that is playing out before out eyes.  It is happening in the daylight, so don’t wait to look for it by candlelight!

Stop the insanity… end the maliciousness and BRING BACK MY PNM!!!




Am not your Mother-Confessor


Am not your Sounding Board


Am not your Dumping Ground


Refuse to be the Gourd

That consumes the

Fury that you’ve stored within

And now wish to evict


Am not here to be Used

And Abused at your Leisure


Demand Respect

And hope you take

The time to Reflect

On your One Sided

Treatment of what

Eye believed was a



Am not here to Pander to you

Nor do Eye wish to be Pandered to


Expect equal Respect and Trust


Will not Say this Again!


Expect that you will Hear the First Time…

Eye, Am, Over!



It is sad, but it is true  she’s gone…

We’ve been asked to announce the following death…

CREATIVITY IN MAS MAKING died on Mardi Gras 2015.  Creativity was in a comatose state since 2008, but finally gave up the ghost yesterday.

Creativity leaves to mourn her children: Wire Bending, Bead & Pearl Placement Masters, Tailoring, Mas Camp Helpers, True Designers, Common Sense and Creativity Jr.

She was the aunt of Swimsuit Makers, Online Order Placers, Carbon Copy Mas Makers, and Bra Tops and Head Pieces MADE IN CHINA.

She was the very good friend of Sailor Mas, Pan Mas, Baby Doll, Jamette, Jab Jab and Devil Mas, Kiddies Carnival, Minshall and Macfarlane Mas, Lee Heung and Edmund Hart Mas, not forgetting Wayne Berkley Mas.

The funeral of the late CREATIVITY IN MAS MAKING takes place on Ash Wednesday morning at 10AM at the Grand Stand, Queen’s Park Savannah, thence to the banks of the East Dry River for cremation.






We wear so many masks

We seek to hide from the ones

Whom we seek to attract

We even seek to hide from ourselves


Our discomfort with ourselves

Drives us to don our ‘outside’ faces

While our malaise with our lives

Sees us applying the ones we wear ‘inside’ for ourselves


We spew the right words …

We speak of confidence and

Inner strength … talking to each other

About taking our places at the helm

But we cringe at the very thought


We brag about bringing home

The bacon, and loving it

But we are scared shitless

At the thought of hanging

To bring it ALL home


We lie to each other

We cheat ourselves

We berate ourselves

Behind closed doors

We stride with supposed gusto

In open daylight

While we bawl our eyes out

In our secret places at night

Having forgotten that the

Only masks we need

Are the beautiful faces

And Spirits that we were

Gifted with at birth


We have allowed the din and distractions

To silence the voice of the

One we need to listen to the most

While we hide from Him in plain sight

Forgetting that He sees us everywhere



Silence is your friend


Concentrate on what’s really there

It won’t hurt

This is all you need…


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Put A Wedge In It!

Story Time with the Amazing, Guest Blogger, Donna Mae Greaves…



What Happened Last Night … 

There are times in every woman’s life when she needs to stop and take a look back at what she’s done – no matter how horrid she may have thought the action.

That is precisely what Adana Black was doing as she sat at the foot of the king-sized hotel room bed, holding her throbbing head in her shaking hands.  What the hell DID happen the night before, she wondered, looking at her reflection in what seemed to be the hugest mirror she had ever seen.  She sat there in her sheer black thigh-high stockings, black lacy boy shorts and strapless bustier feeling quite confused by the incessant pounding in her head, which felt like it had been filled…

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I think it would have

Been hard to say ‘goodbye’

But it aches to

Not be granted the chance

Closure is imperative

I needed it … a lot


I needed to look

In those eyes again

And watch them

Shine with laughter

I longed to walk

Into those arms, one more time

Just to feel the warmth

Go away from me

The warmth I’ve come

To wait for and

Will now crave


I needed to look into

Your face and memorize each etched feature

As I physically said the words

“Good bye and good luck”


And I needed to

Watch and feel

Your hand slip from

Mine as you

Physically walked away

From me


If wishes were probable

What a happy woman I could really be

But alas, I must show respect

And release you back to your norm


And so I must now

Console myself

With memories of

Deep links, naughty, stolen winks

Unspoken words

And glances that spoke volumes


I will now lock up my

Treasure chest

And do what’s best

For everyone

While I plan for the

Next time I raise the lid

And dust off what’s been hid

Then I will hold my tears

In as I play among my memories

And silently thank you

For showing me

What I truly deserve

And remember that I

Must not and cannot

Accept anything less

For you showed me the best


Fare well … go safely

Into the midnight blue

Remember I’m thinking of you

And sending you a little bit of my heart

As we now mentally part

I’ll sit in my corner and dry my tears

Pull myself together and get in gear

For the next phase

God help me

But dear God, make the

Next one who attempts to

Take my heart

So very, VERY much like…






I received this message in the mail … take a look … I think it’s pretty accurate (Smile)

The following is a brief overview of how someone with their Sun, Moon, or rising sign in the sign of Pisces may behave in romantic relationships.

Pisces live for love, but they don’t just want any old relationship … they want to lose themselves by fully merging with a soul mate. The words “love bug” and “cuddle bunny” come to mind when thinking of a Pisces in love.

Both women and men of this sign crave relationships, and are happiest with someone to connect with deeply. Ironically, those of this natural 12th sign (the sign and house of isolation and retreat) don’t do so well alone… though they can be very shy and sensitive, causing them to hibernate.

I call them the “best-kept secret in town…”

Unless afflicted, they’re generous, soulful, romantic people who make supportive, giving partners. They so long for union and deep connection that they have to be careful of “settling” and not holding out for that soul mate. Their attachments can be fickle and fleeting, causing them to “love the one they’re with.”
You see, this is a water sign and a mutable one to boot – meaning, they tend to change with the scenery, and so can their emotions. One moment they’re weeping at a TV commercial about kittens, the next they’re laughing at something funny in an email, and the next they’re sharing deep wisdom about a spiritual truth.
So you never can be sure who’s going to answer the door when visiting these “fragile flowers.” Pisces is symbolized by two fishes swimming in opposite directions – there are many interpretations of what this means; but the symbol of water almost always means the emotions, and swimming in two directions is indicative of the sometimes confused, indecisive way they move through life.
So many things can seem interesting, and draw their focus. This is considered the most thin-skinned, impressionable sign of the zodiac, so it’s critical that they surround themselves with those who honor their tender feelings and are healthy.
They have to be very careful who they give their heart to, because over time they’ll morph into a version of that person – taking on their beliefs, mannerisms, style, and values.
You know those people who grow to look like their pets? They’re probably Pisces.
In love, they follow their heart over their head, and have to be extremely careful of picking lovers who aren’t good for them.
This is the sign most likely to say the dreaded words “but I LOVE him,” when treated
badly. OVER-GIVING, over-accommodating, putting the needs of the other person FIRST, and avoiding confrontations at all costs are the greatest challenge of these watery beings in all of their relationships.
They have yet to learn that the word “no” is a complete sentence – and an actual word!
This is the natural sign of volunteering and self-sacrifice, so they make the best counselors, teachers, and consultants; but they should avoid picking partners who
need HELP, and do all that counseling, teaching, and consulting ON THE CLOCK and FOR PAY – not in their private lives…
One of their other romantic strengths and challenges is that Pisces is ruled by Jupiter – the most wise and optimistic planet in the solar system. So, their Jupiterian nature LOVES to uplift and inspire others, and always believes in the best of people, only seeing their good qualities, and giving them too much benefit of the doubt. Let’s just say they could use a few more “street smarts” and a little less empathy.
Jesus’ advice to “turn the other cheek” and forgive endlessly is a VERY Piscean ideal … beautiful but potentially dangerous in one-on-one relationships.
Speaking of Jesus, Pisces LOVE having a spiritual life, able to easily meditate and take to other spiritual practices such as yoga and chanting.
They’re often found in places of spiritual retreat such as yoga classes, ashrams, and
(This is the sign of mystics…)
And they LOVE the arts – especially the emotional arts like music, drama, and poetry. They’re creative, alluring dreamers and need a partner who appreciates what they have to contribute.
Because of their deep, soulful emotional sensitivity, they have great spiritual gifts and
incredible intuition. Pay attention to their “take” on things, and their advice – their gut instincts are always right on, even though they aren’t skilled at following them themselves…
Their intensity of feelings can lead them to self-medicate and do things to NUMB OUT – such as over-eating, over-spending, or drinking and drugs…
Let’s just say boundaries, structure, and doing “grown up” things like paying the bills on time and keeping their affairs organized aren’t their strength.
“Going with the flow” and soaring to high creative, mystical heights are. They long to please, and don’t mind letting a lover lead – especially in the bedroom. (Wink, wink…)
If in love with a Pisces, be sure to be a patient listener – they NEED to share their
innermost thoughts and feelings and thrive on lots of attention…
They feel soothed by animals and nature, and especially enjoy being around water. When stressed, they need to withdraw from the world. The best way to comfort a Pisces is through something soft and loving – they long to be touched, massaged, bathed, and petted. They DO NOT respond well to “tough love” or constructive feedback, and take any criticism way too hard.
Though they’re MORE than willing to admit their faults – and take the blame for things that are not their responsibility. When upset, they’ll withdraw and pout, being a “silent screamer” over any other kind.
A Pisces will almost never speak in anger or be cruel unless something else is going on in their stars. In fact, it takes A LOT to make them angry – they’ll give and give and give and give and give and give, all the while saying, “I’m fine…”
But they do have a limit, and when they hit it – WATCH OUT. Silent screaming begins… And it’s deafening!
On dates they’ll love Hallmark Card moments – walks hand-in-hand by the ocean, the sharing of innermost feelings, reading by the fire, watching the sunset, and gazing deeply into their lover’s eyes. They’ll prefer quiet nights for two to exciting
social events with groups.
Though natural homebodies, they love to travel, especially to distant far-flung places or islands.
To win one over, do something heroic and generous like rescue a lost dog, or feed the
hungry … read up on the lives of saints and the teachings of the world’s religions. Memorize lines of Rumi and Shakespeare, and have lots of candles, bubble bath, and mood music on hand.
If you’re willing to be the more “in the world,” organized person of the two of you and
remain un-phased by their moods, this can be a lover and partner to be so grateful for.
There’s nothing they won’t do for the one they love. So life with a Pisces will be a dreamy, romantic adventure, full of snuggles, support, art, and passion.
You may not know that there are actually THREE signs within the sign of Pisces, each with even more distinct, specific personality “quirks” and emotional needs.
You see, the very first system of astrology, Vedic astrology of India, looks to twenty-seven smaller constellations called “nakshatras” that were later incorporated into the twelve Greek signs. It’s these twenty-seven signs that tell you what you REALLY need to know – who you are, what matters most to you, and who you best get along
Knowing what constellation a man is born into is THE way to know what he really needs and wants when it comes to love – and if you’re compatible with him or not.
May God and his planets and stars shower you with love!
Carol Allen
Yep! That’s us alright!



You think you’re so slick

looking down your nose

at those you perceive as

less that human

those unworthy to stand in

your self-appointed glow


yet here you stand, and sit,

and trail, as you blatantly

attempt to forge an alliance

with the Devil himself…

hoping that no one sees you,

no one hears you … no one

smells the pheremones and thirst as they

flood out of your achingly desperate body

the smell of which sticks in all of our throats,

so nauseous are we from its cloying sweetness.


We see you, we hear you,

we smell you and

we know what you are doing

we watch, amused, as the Devil

puts you through your paces –

testing you, teasing you,

playing with you the way that string torments a kitten


We watch you grope and grab

and beg for the crumbs that he sweeps off of his table

snapping at the heels of anyone

who may momentarily catch and hold his attention

so desperate are you to walk through his Halls


Do you think he doesn’t know?

Do you believe that he’s not amused?

Do you see yourself positioned as his bottom bitch?


We are so sorry for you …

for your air of superior intellect

and your actual vapid mindspace

we would tell how foolish you are being

but we won’t because … well …

we are, after all, UNWORTHY!

So we stand together like

spectators at a hanging

as your vacuous shell is filled up with

half empty statements, broken promises

and hope that springs

like a weed in the desert.


We watch as your transparency issues

come into full blossom

and stand silently as they

eventually grow till nothing is left but

your eventual death as your issues

do to you what

your ineptitude has done to us.


Rest in pieces…




It’s that point when you get to the fork in the road.  It’s the fork in the road where you decide that you’re going ahead with the person or you’re moving on alone.  It’s that moment when you look at that person and see the LIES shining suspiciously in their eyes.  It’s the realization that the lies are just too much to live with anymore…

 It’s the momentary need to walk from life and die a private death.  It’s the mocking laughter of death as he jeers at you, making certain that you know that this ain’t your time … that you have to get up in the morning and face the music.  It’s the music that starts off as a dirge, morphs into the annoying tribal beat of a heart beat that shifts into the angry drone of techno.

 It’s the anger – first with the lying piece of excrement and then with self, as you realize that you felt it all along and chose to believe their pitch-reel of lies, half-truths and innuendo.  It’s the story that remains lodged in your psyche and repeats … like so much bad curry on an inflamed stomach, causing the incessant presence of emotional heart burn.  It’s the bitterness of bile rising to the surface and flowing on to your yet rising anger, hurt, betrayal, need to kill, to maim, to injure, to make suffering as palpable as your own, and so you …

                                                       PAUSE! Mid Sentence … Mid Rant … Mid Feeling … Mid Crisis.


It’s the realization that a Truer, Happier Life is the BEST REVENGE – a revenge that can only be savoured when you …





I am a creature of emotion … I am a being of light … I am a woman of strength.

That being said, I am never clingier, or moodier, or needier than when I am on my cycle.

I’ve seen and heard all the cutesy supposedly empowering names that women have come up with to somehow attempt to soothe us into thinking that we are destined to ENJOY this time. Doesn’t work though, because I hear those names in my head and it just mocks the cramps, the bitchiness and the need to cuss out that woman, Eve!!! What the hell woman??! Couldn’t you tell that frickin’ serpent to talk to the hand cuz the blasted face ain’t listening??! Now we’ve got pain with every frickin’ thing we do!

I get to me ‘time’, and I morph into the neediest bitch of a Goddess there is on Planet Earth, and I don’t need another woman to talk to and moan and groan in my ear – just like me… I need a strong, sensitive, caring, Alpha Male of a man … a REAL MAN. Yeah I know that whenever I say this, a lot of my gal pals say that I’m actually describing a gay buddy, but there are MEN out there who are empathetic enough to get that women need a little extra TLC at that time. I’m not saying that they’re growing on trees in every back yard … I know they are rare, but they exist, dammit!!!

I need — no, I WANT a man in my life who’s not afraid to show a little affection … bring me scrumptious, decadent cups of hot chocolate, fluff my pillows, rub my tummy, massage my swollen ankles, hold me when I’m cramping and cranky as hell, and call me from work to check up on me … for at least five days out of month. Is that too much to ask??

I don’t think so!!

I’m a caregiver everyday … well, I want some care given my way too.

To a lot of you, this sounds like a fairy tale, but you know what? I deserve all of those things, wrapped up in a man who can rock my world (IN A GOOD WAY!!!) on many other levels as well … someone who appreciates and adores me when I’m PHAT and Fabulous, when I’m grimy from working, fresh out of the shower or just waking up with no makeup on, and yes, when I’m bitching and moaning during my ‘oh so exciting’ (can you smell the sarcasm??) Moon Time, AND I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING LESS!!!