This is my newest blog, and I hope that it will soon become my more popular one.

I am Donna Mae Greaves – Deemay for short, and I’d like to thank you for coming my way.

I am a writer, spoken word artist and cookie master … add singer in there and you have a fine mix of Piscean distraction.

September 12, 2009 saw the publication of my first novel.  The book is called AT LAST and is published by Soul Write Publishing out of Tennessee.

AT LAST is available on Amazon … just search the title and my name.

Recently I delved into the world of point and click self publication for the release of my second book – Whispers Within. Whispers is a poetic anthology, divided into 4 parts – 3 trimesters and birth.

It was a joy putting Whispers together … it was also very cathartic. Whispers Within is available on Lulu at my storefront.

Thanks for allowing me to occupy some of your time and I hope you’ll soon make me a regular stop on  your treks through cyberland!


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