Journey With Me Through Time … and Understand.

This is actually an older blog from another site, but it’s still relevant cuz we’re all battling something. Enjoy!!!

I was having a conversation this evening with one of my girls and I was telling her that looking at photographs of myself from a time when I was heavier hurt my heart.

She dropped some knowledge on me that made so much sense that I’m sitting here doing this blog.

This blog is dedicated to my Journey to a Healthier Happier Me… I have decided to bite the bullet and face my past. It’s not really a ‘before’ and ‘after’ because I have a ways yet to go, but we can call it a “Before and Here Is Where I’m At” look at the woman that is Donna Mae G.

Now don’t get twisted, I will always be a sized sexy woman and I’m proud as hell to wear that label, but I’ll be a healthier sexier biatch (just never a skinny biatch)…

I’m posting this as well as a means to encourage anyone who has a mountain to climb and feels that they can’t do it. You can, trust me. I had lost weight and was yoyo-ing for a few years between 2003 and 2005, but my conscious effort began in late 2005 into 2006, and it took me close to 2 years to lose 100 pounds, and I had gotten to the point where I was sagging, so I took my ass off to the gym as you know this year, and I’ve told you what’s been going on with that. So in 2 years and about 4 months I’ve lost around 125 pounds, and I’m still going…

To those of you who have held my hand, cried with me, encouraged me and yelled at my ass when I needed it – thank you and much love. Y’all know that it’s always and will always be appreciated and welcomed.

So …

Here’s my journey in pictures…

– Class Reunion in 2003 (at my biggest)

– At Real Estate office in 2004

– A neighbour’s party in 2005

– Going to my girl Noella’s wedding, 2005

– Spoken word performance in June 2006

– Partying at Club 51 in July 2006

– Neighbour’s wedding in October 2006

– Thanksgiving dinner at my house in December 2006

– Ex-AMPLES & Friends Brunch in March 2007

– Concert at Christ Church in December 2007

– My girl Joann’s wedding in December 2007

– Performance at Satchmo’s Jazz Club in May 2008

– Headshot, June 2008

– Office Shot, July 2009

– Performance at Movietowne’s Fiesta Plaza, November 2009 (Where I am now…)

Make your mountain your personal journey and climb the hell out of it – the view is SWEET from the other side!

Holla at ya girl!


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